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By Sikka Dental
March 24, 2020
Category: Oral Health

From hospital care to house calls, we unique ways to ensure that everyone gets dental care.

A dental emergency never waits for the opportune time. Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding toothache that won’t let you sleep. Or perhaps your child’s tooth was knocked loose during the middle of a game. These are all dental emergencies that require immediate care. Luckily, along with her own dental practice, our dentist Dr. Nidhi Sikka is also a dentist at Kaiser Hospital in San Jose, CA, where she provides hospital sedation treatment and emergency dentistry.

Yes, most of the time you can benefit from just coming into our San Jose, CA, office for dental care, but there may be times where turning to our Kaiser Hospital dentist is a better option. For example, if you or a loved one has certain health problems or severe dental anxiety then a hospital setting may be preferable, as Dr. Sikka can offer more sedation options than at her practice. Sedation dentistry isn’t just for those who fear the dentist, it can also be helpful for elderly patients, young children, patients with special needs or those who have,

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Chronic neck and back problems
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis

Patients who may require oral or maxillofacial surgery may also need to come into the hospital so that we can administer IV sedation. For more comprehensive and serious surgeries, IV sedation may be necessary; however, instead of having to seek a new dentist for surgery, Dr. Sikka makes it possible to get the dental care you need from a dentist you know and trust by also providing treatment in a hospital setting.

Did someone say house calls?

While house calls may now seem like a thing of the past, Dr. Sikka and her team are bringing this kind of individualized care back to dentistry by offering patients house calls. This isn’t something you find often, let alone in the San Jose, CA, area.

Just as hospital dentistry provides patients with health problems, severe dental problems and dental phobias with more accessible treatment options, house call dentistry also provides housebound patients with easier access to routine cleanings and dental checkups. Patients who could benefit from house call dentistry include patients who,

  • Are elderly
  • Have limited mobility or are wheelchair bound
  • Can’t leave their homes
  • Have severe anxiety
  • Have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

If you are looking for a Kaiser Hospital dentist in San Jose, CA, that can provide you with immediate care when a dental problem arises then call Sikka Dental right away at (408) 259-1280. Our team specializes in family dentistry, as well as hospital and sedation dentistry.