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By Sikka Dental
May 27, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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We recognize that certain individuals might feel apprehensive or anxious when it comes to dental care. That’s why we here at Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA, work hard to ensure that each one of our patients has a positive and comfortable experience. This is also the reason why our Kaiser Hospital dentist, Dr. Nidhi Sikka, offers sedation dentistry to patients who need extra comfort and assistance during treatment.

Who Might Benefit from Hospital Dentistry?

Feeling anxious or frightened about obtaining dental care shouldn’t prevent anyone from having a healthy and beautiful smile. Although the majority of our patients here in our practice are fine with receiving dental treatments right here in our office, we’re well aware that different people have different needs and there may be times that hospital dentistry may be the most suitable option.

Hospital dentistry typically involves sedation and other special services. Working closely with your Kaiser Hospital dentist in San Jose, CA, will help you come up with a customized treatment strategy that will provide you proper dental care while making certain that you’ll remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment plan.

Generally speaking, people suffering from dental anxiety, and those who have extreme concerns or fears about the following, are typically great candidates for hospital dentistry:

  • Fear of injections or needles
  • Severe fear or dental anxiety regarding dental visits
  • Can’t handle the sounds and/or smells inside the dentist’s office
  • Need more complex and/or multiple dental procedures done
  • Have issues with anesthetic (e.g. overly sensitive mouth/ teeth or a stronger than normal gag reflex)

What About People with Underlying Conditions?

Because hospital dentistry involves sedation, it is also very practical for people who have Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, Down’s syndrome, or other conditions that complicate movement control. Hospital dentistry will help relax involuntary movements to ensure that they don’t interfere with the treatment.

Do You Feel You Can Benefit from Hospital Dentistry? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Call us at (408) 259-1280 to reach Sikka Dental here in San Jose, CA, and arrange a consultation with our Kaiser Hospital dentist, Dr. Nidhi Sikka, to tell us how we could better accommodate your specific needs.

By Sikka Dental
May 16, 2019
Category: Dental Care
Tags: Hospital Dentistry  

Could hospital dentistry make visiting the dentist a little easier for you or a loved one?

When you come into Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA, patients of all ages can expect to get comprehensive and compassionate dental care, doctors hospital no matter if they are getting a simple cleaning or a root canal. Of course, our dentist, Dr. Nidhi Sikka, also understands that some patients may need a different approach to dentistry. Which is why we also offer hospital dentistry to patients living in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding areas.

When people think of dentists they often think of small practices where dentistry is at the forefront, but hospital dentistry allows patients with certain health problems or concerns to be able to get the dental care they need when an in-office dental setting just isn’t enough.


Who can benefit from hospital dentistry?

There are many reasons someone may choose to see our dentist at one of the local San Jose, CA, hospitals. Patients dealing with chronic illnesses such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, along with patients dealing with mental or neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder can get the care they need with more treatment and sedation options to cater to their special needs. This is also a great option for patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as medically compromised patients who still need routine dental care.

Furthermore, we know that accidents happen. If you have knocked out a tooth or are dealing with severe bleeding from a soft-tissue injury, you probably already know that you need emergency attention. Luckily, you can still turn to the same dentist you know and trust just in a hospital setting where we can provide the proper treatment and care to stitch up that wound or re-implant the knocked-out tooth.


Give us a call!

If you have questions about hospital dentistry and how it could benefit you or someone you love, then call Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA, at (408) 259-1280 to learn more.