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By Sikka Dental
August 28, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Elder Teeth CareKeeping your smile bright and healthy requires a little extra care as you age. San Jose, CA, senior care dentists Drs. Nidhi Sikka and Mona Chattha offer the treatments and preventative services every member of your family needs for good oral health.

Combating dry mouth is crucial

Saliva production decreases naturally as you grow older but can also be affected by the medications you take. Although most of us take saliva for granted, it offers several important benefits for your oral health. A healthy amount of saliva dilutes sugar and bacteria, which can decrease your risk of cavities and gum disease. It also rebuilds weakened tooth enamel, neutralizes acids, sweeps away food debris, and helps you swallow food easily.

When you don't produce enough saliva, you may be more likely to develop cavities or gum disease. You can stimulate saliva production by chewing sugar-free gum or candy or using artificial saliva products. It's also important to drink water at regular interval throughout the day if your mouth tends to be dry.

Toothbrush modifications make brushing easier

Brushing your teeth can be difficult if your manual dexterity has declined due to arthritis, stroke or another health problem. Unfortunately, if you can't brush your teeth thoroughly, plaque may linger on your teeth and soon turn into tartar. Many manufacturers sell special toothbrush handle grips that make holding the brush easier. If you're looking for an inexpensive option, make a slit through the center of a tennis ball, then slide the ball over the handle. Electric toothbrushes offer an excellent option if it's difficult to move the brush over your teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist are a must

Regular checkups are particularly important as you grow older. During your visits, you'll receive a thorough dental cleaning and an examination by your San Jose dentist. Your senior care dentist will not only look for signs of cavities, but also check for signs of other problems that are more common as you age, such as enamel erosion. The problem can occur due to normal wear and tear, but may also happen if you grind your teeth at night. A custom-made nightguard is an excellent solution if you are a grinder. Your dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer or diseases that cause changes in your mouth, such as diabetes. Visiting every six months is an excellent way to maintain your oral health.

Protect your smile with regular dental visits. Call San Jose, CA, senior care dentists Drs. Nidhi Sikka and Mona Chattha at (408) 259-1280 to schedule an appointment.