Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits

By Sikka Dental
April 20, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Some people have unfortunate misconceptions about how they should care for their teeth. Things like skipping flossing or ignoring the oral hygienedentist unless there is a problem can lead to complex dental issues with detrimental effects. Find out more about keeping good oral hygiene habits and how they can benefit you with Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA.

Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits
A strong at-home oral hygiene routine alongside forming good hygiene habits can keep your teeth healthy and free of decay and gum disease for years to come. Some of the best things you can do for your teeth include:

  • At-Home Oral Hygiene: Committing to a strong at-home oral care routine is crucial in keeping your teeth healthy. Your routine should include brushing at least twice daily for a minimum of two minutes each time and flossing at least once a day. Though flossing is an often overlooked part of daily oral hygiene, it is necessary to remove plaque and bacteria buildup in areas of the mouth your toothbrush’s bristles simply cannot reach.
  • Regular Dental Examinations: Regular dental examinations allow your dentist to catch and treat issues like cavities early, before they evolve into severe decay, gum disease or even tooth loss.
  • Regular Dental Cleanings: Regular teeth cleanings occur as a standard part of a dental examination and help remove any buildup of bacteria, plaque, and tartar present on the teeth. A dental hygienist uses manual scraping tools and a supersonic cleaning tool to thoroughly clean each tooth. Cleanings may also include a fluoride treatment and polishing session.
  • Tooth-Friendly Foods: Tooth-friendly foods like vegetables, crunchy fruits, plenty of water and foods high in calcium help keep teeth strong and healthy from the inside out. Patients should avoid sugary foods and drinks as they contribute to tooth decay.

Regular Dental Examinations and Cleanings in San Jose, CA 
Patients with a normal risk for tooth decay and gum disease should see their dentist at least twice a year for regular examinations and cleanings. For more information on good oral hygiene habits and keeping your mouth healthy, please contact Dr. Nidhi Sikka and Dr. Mona Chattha at Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA. Call (408) 259-1280 to schedule your appointment for an examination today!