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The Importance Of Preventive Care

Dental patients are often able to avoid major, expensive procedures by getting preventive care from their dentists. Preventive care is aPreventive Care first line of defense that helps protect the teeth and gums from future damage or infection. Find out what preventive care entails and how you can protect your dental health with the help of a dentist at Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA.

About Preventive Care 
Many patients are regretful when they learn that their dental issues could have been prevented. Nearly half of Americans have gum disease according to the CDC because they neglected to get basic two-yearly professional cleanings. Over 26 percent of adults 20-64 have untreated tooth decay that could lead to tooth loss because they didn’t have small cavities filled early on. Preventive care is a must if your goal is to keep all of your original teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Importance of Preventive Care 
The American Dental Association encourages patients to seek preventive treatments because it is key to stopping most dental diseases. Preventive care is important and useful for the following reasons:

- Money, time, and resources are saved.
- Preventive dental treatments usually take a lot less time compared to restorative procedures.
- Preventive dentistry encourages patients to form positive dental habits from a young age.

List of Common Preventive Therapies
Here are a few of the preventive therapies that your San Jose dentist may recommend:

- A dental sealant for children.
- A fluoride treatment.
- General cleanings to keep bacteria in balance.
- A dental bonding treatment for cracked or chipped teeth.
- A crown for a vulnerable tooth.
- Mouthguards for athletes.
- X-rays to examine bone tissue and roots of the teeth.

Care for Your Smile When It's Healthy 
The best time to go to the dentist is when your teeth are healthy and strong so that you can keep it that way with preventive dentistry. Call (408) 259-1280 today to schedule a checkup with Dr. Nidhi Sikka or Dr. Mona Chattha at Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA.

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