Dear Patient Corona Virus Letter


Dear Patient,

We hope this letter finds you and your families well and healthy!

We are pleased to announced on Monday, June 1, 2020 we will be OPEN FOR ALL dental services. Our commitment to the safety of our patients, staff, and community is unwavering. We closely follow the guidelines and updates set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our state and local ordinances to ensure our new policies follow or exceed the most up to date safety protocols for our patients. As safety is always our highest priority, we will continually review and update our policies as we navigate through this situation (see below). Please click on the link to request your dental visit or let us know if there are any questions, so we can get back to you by providing the care our patients and community expect and deserve from Sikka Dental.

Please CLICK HERE to request your visit today! 

Already scheduled on or after June 1st?  Need to know if there are any changes to your visit? Scroll to towards the end of this message for those details...

Our Electronic Systems

At Sikka Dental Corp, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways that make it easier for you to connect with us. We will continue the use of 24/7 communication through Text, Phone, and Email to where you can inform us of your office arrival, send questions, or photos anytime.

Online Secure Payments are also now available through our website with our “Pay Now” button. You may make a secure payment anytime with a credit card or checking account directly to us.

We are happy to announce our new secure electronic signature system DocuSign. This service makes it more convenient for you to sign paperwork securely and electronically.

Virtual Consults/Exam have launched and are available to help screen needed treatment before coming into the office. This allows the patient to have a secure messaging exchange with photos and questions or an online secure meeting may be initiated if needed to help complete your request. This service seems most helpful for patients whom may be hesitant to come into the office for a consult. For more details click HERE

New Safety Procedures:

1. Temperature Readings- All patients, staff, and doctors will have their temperature checked daily with a non-contact thermometer before entering the office.  No exceptions. 

2. Screenings- All patients are required to answer a series of health questions regarding recent health problems, potential contacts as well as travel history.

3. Covid-19 Testing- All patients having specific types of (Aerosolizing) treatment, will be required to have the covid-19 testing 48-72 hours before treatment date. Testing will be typically requested through your Primary Care Medical Physician. This is to ensure all patients before you have not been exposed and are cleared. It allows a safe zone office to be maintained.

4. Masks/P.P.E.- All patients, staff, and doctors will be required to wear masks 100% of the time, unless treatment is being done for patients. We have also been able to acquire all recommended/suggested PPE for the staff use for the extra safety measures for the benefit of our patients.

5. Capacity Limitations- We are limiting family members in the office and exam room.  We will significantly reduce patient schedule in order to ensure social distancing.

6. Extra Equipment- We have invested in Front Desk Acrylic sneeze guards, HEPA air purifiers, High Volume Evacuation Systems, Extraoral Dental Aerosols Suction, Disinfecting Fogging System, and a few other sterilizing systems to keep all clean and safe. All Items are EPA/CDC - Certified/Recommended.

What is Next:

Appointment changes:

    Questions: I have a previously scheduled visit on or after June 1st, what should I do? How do I know if there has been a change? Should I just show up like before? I need to reschedule a visit during the Shelter in place, when/how can I do that?

    Answers: Our team will be contacting you no less than 1 week before your visit to inform of any appointment changes needed. Please check text, voicemails, or emails for your notification. Due to reduced patient/ staff flow we do expect some        type of change for most previously scheduled visits. If your visit qualifies for covid-19 testing due to the type of visit you were scheduled for, we will inform you of pre-appointment protocols. Please do not assume that there is no change to your visit    and just show up like before. If you do not hear from us, please contact us for your updates. If you were scheduled for a visit that was missed during the Shelter in place our team will reach out to you soon to reschedule with the new protocols in     place.

As always, we cannot thank our patients enough for your continued support during these unprecedented times. If you have any questions or would like to make/change an appointment please feel free to Call/TEXT/Email us at the office 24/7. 

Sikka Dental Corp.

(408) 259-1280 phone/TEXT