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People have depended on dentures for generations—and they still do. That's because they work, both in restoring dental function and a smile marred by missing teeth.

But they have one major drawback related to bone health. That's because living bone has a life cycle: as older cells die, new ones form to take their place. The pressure generated when we chew stimulates this growth. But when this stimulus goes missing along with the teeth, the cell replacement rate slows and bone volume and density gradually diminishes.

Traditional dentures can't transmit this chewing pressure stimulus. And because they rest directly on the gum ridges, they can adversely affect the underlying bone and actually accelerate bone loss.

But implant technology potentially solves this bone loss problem with dentures by using implants rather than the gums to support them. It's a two-fold benefit: first, the implants relieve much of the irritation to the gums and bone caused by traditional dentures. Primarily, though, the implants themselves can slow or even stop continuing bone loss.

Most implants are made of titanium, not only because it's compatible with the body, but also because it has an affinity with bone. Over time bone cells grow on the titanium post imbedded in the jawbone. This process not only creates stability and durability, it can improve bone health.

In recent years dentists have incorporated implants with dentures to create two exciting treatment options. With one option, the dentist installs two or more implants in the jaw, to which a specially fitted removable denture can be attached. You would still have the ease of removing the denture for cleaning, while gaining greater stability and a reduced risk of bone loss.

The other option is a fixed denture (or bridge) attached permanently to implants. For this option, a patient's jawbone must be adequate and healthy enough to support at least four to six implants. A fixed denture is also often costlier and more complex than a removable denture, but it can feel more like real teeth. It also promotes better bone health too.

Although both options are more expensive than traditional dentures, they can pay dividends for long-term dental health. Implants could help you enjoy your new dentures and resulting smile for a long time to come.

If you would like more information on dental implant-supported restorations, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Overdentures & Fixed Dentures.”

By Sikka Dental
March 02, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Is it time to start thinking about replacing your missing or badly damaged teeth with a beautiful pair of custom dentures? If so, a trip to your favorite dentist at Sikka Dental in San Jose for dentures with mini implants may be just what you need to restore your beautiful smile once again. Learn all about this exciting treatment option.

Why Dentures?

Dentures from a quality dentist in San Jose offer many benefits. They restore your picture-perfect smile, they allow you to talk and Dental Implantseat again, and they help keep your face from sagging, taking years off your appearance. Dentures can even help you get your life back by allowing you to do all of the fun activities you could before your teeth got in the way, from enjoying a nice dinner out to laughing freely with no worries about how your teeth will look!

Unfortunately, however, dentures do come with one major drawback as well: they can slip, slide and even fall out - even if you use an adhesive paste! Talk about embarrassing!

Why Dentures with Mini Implants?

Thankfully, the solution to slippery dentures is simple: dentures with mini implants. Mini implants are small titanium screws which are used to connect your dentures to your jaw bone. These implants perform a few important tasks: they hold the dentures in place, they strengthen the jawbone, and they provide greater peace of mind. Mini implants help dentures do the job they were created to do.

Don't settle for a smile that is damaged or incomplete or for a life without your favorite foods. Visiting Sikka Dental in San Jose for dentures with mini implants is a fantastic way to restore your smile and get your life back. You'll love not only how great you look, but also how amazing you'll feel!

Call Sikka Dental to set up an appointment or to ask any questions today. You'll be glad you did!